Our steam technology
Integrated fabric
brush/trousers clips
Rail hanger
Telescopic aluminum
alloy double rods
LED screen
360° revolving hook
The steam hose
PVC transparent
water tank
The weight of pure copper heater is 730g,once shaing,pure metal featured more durable and more efficient.
ALLdirection hook,no need to transfer the hangers when ironing clothes,easier ironing,more comfortable,more quickly.
The weight of pure aluminum heater is 460g,once shaing,pure metal featured more durable and more efficient.
Telescopicrod,the height can be adjusted optionally,more stable and securoty.
Double reiable safety protection device,auto-off for overheating or shortage of water.
More convenient to add water with removable PVC transparent water tank,continuous ironing for alonger time.
Steam head is made of high quality stainless steel material for duralble use.Matal material is easier for heat transfer,remove winkle more quickly and efficientle.
Trousers clips & brush is made in integrated way.The dust and hairs can be easily brushed away.
1750W super power for 40g/min large amount steaming.
Touch keys on LED screen,multiple ironing mode and can be set working time,higher efficiency and faster.