Chicago family Exhibition, 2017

Writer:Sandra DuNumber of visits: Date:2017-03-28


Exhibition time: 18-21 March

Venue: the McCormick exhibition center in Chicago, USA


Sponsored by the national association of national household goods manufacturers ( Started in 1928120 session in 2017 ), the global scale, influence family Exhibition, 2016 square meters, exhibitors 2,000, attracted more than 21,000 professional sellers from more than 100 countries, including 15,000 buyers from the United States, 6,000 buyers from other countries. Of the top 25 retailers, 99 % sent at least one person to the Expo, with an average of 12 people. In the audience 47.5 per cent came from wholesalers and commodities, and 45.2 from retailers. The establishment of the international exhibition ( worldpavilion ) has greatly enlarged the size of Chinese exhibitors, and the effect of Pavilion is better and better.

We mainly show the garment steamer and air purifier this time. Significant results have been achieved.Further expand the market in north America, signed many orders, believe that our products will better serve the people of the world. This is also our vision.

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