maintenance policy

  1: received the day after the start of repair machine calculation will be completed within 15 working days to repair and sent to the customer

  two: factory accessories for all standard accessories (except customer specified) not in the warranty period (30 days of sales period and returned) beyond the prescribed date of customer commitment.

  three: the following does not provide return service:

  1, more than the prescribed time limit to return goods

  2, failure to operate the machine according to the instructions,

  3, self modification or other functions after the failure of the machine

  4, unauthorized disassembly and repair of the fault machine

  5, a machine that causes failure, scratches, or breakage due to moving or falling

  6, did not fill in the application form and return together without return (including free gifts)

  7, packaging damage warranty card and shop to provide the bills that fail to return the goods

  8, the impact of the two normal sales of goods (refers to the original no quality problems and the buyer's subjective reasons for the return of goods)

  9, with commodity attached gift does not enjoy the return service

  10, activities, awards, the goods do not enjoy the return of
  1, after-sales service team

 : our goal is to create a dedicated, professional, standardized line. More than 200 employees of their own enterprise service team, service outlets in more than 50 large and medium cities in china. All service personnel through professional training, excellent service, professional skills, technical expertise. Committed to the establishment and improvement of after-sales service network,

  2, warranty life

  2 year warranty; specific products refer to the warranty card

  3, Quanguolianbao

  Xinlijia where to buy the company's products are enjoy warranty services, consumers can perform maintenance in the vicinity of service agencies.

  4, warranty description

  1, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the full implementation of the ""

  purchase of Xinlijia Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. series of electrical products users, according to the relevant departments of the state provisions "part of the Commodity repair, replacement and return of liability provisions" enjoy "Three Guarantees" service.

  2, warranty principle

  1), if the purchase of the product quality problems, without being damaged, without dismantling the case, within 30 days can be replaced at the point of purchase.

  2), the purchase of this product to enjoy two years of free maintenance, maintenance services.

  3), the following is a free warranty failure.

  damage caused by human factors, including the use of non normal working environment, not according to the instructions caused by the use of damage;

  the unauthorized users, self repair, modification or disassemble the company maintenance department maintenance;

  damage caused by force majeure (such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.);

  the free product warranty card and valid proof of purchase, and can not verify the user information file;

  the product barcode torn;

  the product warranty card and barcode bar code do not correspond to
  be unable to verify the date of purchase.

  4), special description

  1), fill in and use the warranty ticket only when it is necessary to replace the parts.

  2), do not need to replace the repair parts do not use.

  3), warranty ticket (voucher) is the user to the competent maintenance department to get free replacement parts of the transaction ticket, is responsible for the maintenance of the manufacturers to obtain free parts of the voucher ticket.

  4), the user should maintain the warranty ticket, the competent maintenance department should fill in the warranty ticket.

  5), the warranty within the warranty ticket ticket back, run out of the situation, the user can warranty card (positive card), warranty ticket (record linked) copies manufacturers replacement mint, can also be a copy of the company any national service center agent.

  5, special statement

  user the warranty card must sell founder card to buy date boxes and each ticket at the time of purchase (warranty certificate copy) purchase date box to fill in the date of purchase, the fill in the date of purchase and purchase invoice (receipt), complete the purchase date of the guarantee card and ticket invalid warranty, warranty card purchase date and purchase invoice date is not the same, and the purchase invoice date.

  five, headquarters service center

  if the phone has changed, please call the main service hotline: 0757--81203269 consulting.